Beard Care Gift Set
Beard Care Gift Set

Beard Care Gift Set

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The Staybearded® Collection-  Beard Care Gift Set is everything the bearded man needs to maintain a healthier. Keeping your skin and beard healthy is essential to preventing the beard itch, beard flakes, beard breakage and split ends. The Staybearded® Collection- Beard Care Gift Set comes in 5 available scents, which includes:

1 - Staybearded® Beard Oil: 

1 - Staybearded® Beard Butter

1 - Staybearded® Beard Wash Bar

1 - Staybearded® Wooden Beard Comb

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Scent description

  • Fresh Lime (: The Lime we use in our citrus smells exactly like fresh lime, but not overwhelming. It’s simple and fresh.  Great choice if you like citrus smells, as it's a very uplifting scent and a great blend for inspiration.
  • Refreshing: An exceptionally delicate scent. One that isn't overwhelming. It has a spring fresh and clean smell with a hint of spring floral. Ylang Ylang is most prevalent.
  • 30-06: The 30-06 is a blend of the Evergreens. A very definitive smell as if walking through the evergreen wilderness in Montana. They smell sharp, sweet, and refreshing.
  • The Classic: The Classic has a pleasant, mild vanilla pipe tobacco scent. More on the line of a vanilla pipe tobacco. A very manly, classy, pleasant smell. 
  • 357: Sly, Sleek, & Sexy may best describe our 357 scent. It smells very clean and masculine. You may put your cologne away for this one.
  • Reloaded: the Reloaded blend has Pachouli in the mix. If you’re a Pachouli lover, this scent is for you. It’s on the mild side and make for a nice pleasant Pachouli scent.
  • Germ Block: With all the hype about germs these days, we decide to hit the books and come up with a germ blocker blend. This blend has; clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. This blend of oils was used in other centuries to aid with help of keeping germs away. The cinnamon & clove are most prevalent.