Beard Care Tips & Beard Rules


When it comes to the beard there is much advice that can be given. However, on this tip page, we are going to keep it simple and stick to the basics. Whether you're on day one or you have a beard in progress, these simple tips should help with the healthy growth and life of your beard. Which in turn will give you the beard you're looking for much sooner.


  • Use Quality Products. We can't emphasize this enough: Organic and all natural products are essential to having a nice healthy beard. Using good quality beard products help eliminate beard breakage and split ends that thin down and slow your beard growth tremendously.
  • Keep the Skin Beneath Your Beard Hydrated.. A common misconception of beard oil is, it's for the beard hair. It’s not. Beard oil is designed for the skin beneath your beard. When facial hair begins to grow, it quickly becomes dry, needing moisture. The only place to get it is the skin. The dry facial hair robs the skin of moisture, creating that most UNDESIRABLE BEARD ITCH. Extreme dryness along with beard flaking or beard dandruff,  in most cases, CAN BE PREVE. This is where beard oil does it's magic, by hydrating the skin beneath the beard, eliminating dry skin and beard itch. The organic ingredients we use, makes the Staybearded Beard Oil the best.
  • Moisturizing the Beard and Facial Hair. The organic butters used in Matrix Beard Butter are used to condition and help lock in the moisture while making sure the beard remains SOFT and MANAGEABLE. Butters also provide a light hold so that you can TAME and STYLE your beard.  For shorter facial hair a great alternative to the butter is---  the Matrix Beard Butter. Some guys may say beard balm, however they can leave your beard sticky and seem a little heavy. There are many benefits to using the beard butter.

The man’s beard is a buffer between his emotional self and the world around him, so TREAT YOUR CHIN HAIR WELL. Wear it with pride. Be a man among men. EMBRACE YOUR WISDOM. Keep it healthy and STAYBEARDED! 

BEARD RULE: "Never let her tell you to shave you beard twice."