Donna Miller
Just got .357 beard butter for my boyfriend... hands down FAVORITE of all time — and he’s tried a lot! 
Steve Arnold

So far I've only used the beard butter, but it by far blows away any of the products I've used before and believe me I've tried numerous brands and products. To be honest it even exceeds the expectation I had for it when buying because I've not been impressed by anything I've used to date. The smell is legit and it's perfect as far as not too greasy or oily, my beard really did and does feel better even after the first use, I'm stoked to try the oil and soap as well but wanted to give a 5 star rating on what I had tried who far. Thanks again and stay classy bearded nation!


Jason Myer

I have tried several products/brands and this is BY FAR my favorite! The butter is super easy to work with, and the soap is AWESOME!! My beard has never looked/felt better!

Matt Moser

This is the best product ever for your beard! I ride a Harley Davidson and this keeps my beard in check while I’m out enjoying the wind! I will tell you I will never use any other brand again! The butter is so good I’m thinking about trying it on toast!! The beard wash is great also, the lather while washing and fresh feeling when you’re finished is the best!! Remember stay bearded!


Jeff Rice

Switched from other product I was using. Awesome products. will keep using. Beard butter 5 stars.


James Radabaugh

My son and I tried some of the products and we're hooked. Quality is top notch and the scents are great & unique. If you buy it I guarantee you will be a repeat customer.