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Staybearded® Beard Oil

Beard oil is designed to moisturize the skin beneath your beard. When your beard hair begins to grow, it quickly begins to rob the moisture from your skin - leaving it dry, itchy, and sometimes causing beard flakes/dandruff. The organic oils we use in our beard oil eliminates dryness, adding moisture back into your skin. Keeping it healthy is essential for growth.

Staybearded® Beard Butter

Beard hair can be very dry, brittle, out of control and feel extremely course. Staybearded® Beard Butter resolves ALL those issues - it softens your beard, tames your beard, helps prevent beard breakage, and eliminates split ends. The organic butters we use absorbs into the beard hair and holds that moisture in. Our beard butter tames your beard, which in turn makes it easy for you to manage. Once you use our beard butter, you never use another.

Our Products

handmade - fresh - organic

Keep It Healthy

the ideal beard should look healthy and groomed -- not be flaky or dull.

Be Wise

Using good quality beard products is essential to beard growth and maintaining a stylish looking beard.

30-06 Beard Oil

Picture being in a cabin, in the woods, in Montana. That’s what this scent brings to mind.

357 Beard Oil

This scent is “sly, sleek, & sexy”

Fresh Lime - Citrus Beard Oil

Fresh summer key lime scent

The Classic Beard Butter

the Classic has an earthy vanilla pipe tobacco smell. Very manly.