Matrix Beard Oil
Matrix Beard Oil
Matrix Beard Oil

Matrix Beard Oil

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Beard oil is designed to moisturize the skin beneath your beard. When your beard hair begins to grow, it quickly begins to rob the moisture from your skin - leaving it dry, itchy, and sometimes causing beard flakes/dandruff. The organic oils we use in our beard oil helps to prevent dryness, adding moisture back into your skin. Keeping your skin healthy is essential for growth. 

Our beard oil with one of the best oils found in the world, organic argan oil.

Ingredients: Organic Moroccan Oil, Organic Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Essential & Fragrance Oils.

Scent description

  • Fresh Lime (Citrus): The Lime we use in our citrus smells exactly like fresh key lime, but not overwhelming. It’s simple and fresh.  Great choice if you like citrus smells, as it's a very uplifting scent and a great blend for inspiration.
  • Refreshing: An exceptionally delicate scent. One that isn't overwhelming in the least. It has a spring fresh and clean smell with a hint of spring floral. Simple and Fresh.
  • 30-06: The 30-06 is a blend of the Evergreens. A very definitive smell as if walking through the wilderness in Montana. They smell sharp, sweet, and refreshing.
  • The Classic: The Classic has a pleasant, mild tobacco scent. More on the line of pipe tobacco. A very manly, classy, pleasant smell.
  •  357: SLY, SLEEK, & SEXY may best describe our 357 scent. It smells very clean and manly. You may put your cologne away for this one.